Bruges-La-Morte, by Georges Rodenbach

This was a fascinating little Gothic novel, ripe with eerie poetic melancholy and described as "the" Symbolist novel. It tells the tale of a widower (Hughes) who moves to Bruges after his young wife's death only to become enchanted and obsessed with a young dancer (Jane) who resembles his dead wife: "So complete was his … Continue reading Bruges-La-Morte, by Georges Rodenbach

Frenchman’s Creek, by Daphne du Maurier

This book was an unexpected surprise. I was immediately aware that the certain gothic/creepy tone usually present at the start of the two other du Maurier novels I've read was this time missing. This novel was quite unlike the dark romance of Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel but was nevertheless an amazing story... and now one … Continue reading Frenchman’s Creek, by Daphne du Maurier

Animal Farm, by George Orwell

After reading 1984 I couldn't get enough of Orwell and decided to pick up Animal Farm. I actually liked this book a lot better. This allegorical novella satirizes the 1917 Russian rebellion and the rise of Stalin as a pseudo socialist totalitarian dictator. Different animals on the farm represent different characters/social groups (Old Major= Lenin/Marx, … Continue reading Animal Farm, by George Orwell