Zeno’s Conscience, by Italo Svevo

Written in 1923 by Italian author Italo Svevo, Zeno's Conscience is a wonderful modernist novel. It is a rather engaging and meandering story of psychological insight, and starts out about a man trying to quit smoking while keeping a journal of his thoughts for his psychoanalyst. The first 20 pages are Zeno's humorous ramblings about … Continue reading Zeno’s Conscience, by Italo Svevo

Point Omega, by Don DeLillo

At face value, this short 117 page novella is about a filmmaker and his hopeful subject (a retired professor and military/government thinker) at the professor's Southern California desert home. This main story arc is nestled between an opening and ending narrative (titled "Anonymity" and "Anonymity 2") that take place in a gallery showing '24 Hour … Continue reading Point Omega, by Don DeLillo

Bruges-La-Morte, by Georges Rodenbach

This was a fascinating little Gothic novel, ripe with eerie poetic melancholy and described as "the" Symbolist novel. It tells the tale of a widower (Hughes) who moves to Bruges after his young wife's death only to become enchanted and obsessed with a young dancer (Jane) who resembles his dead wife: "So complete was his … Continue reading Bruges-La-Morte, by Georges Rodenbach